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About Macrovue

We make international share investing simple and accessible.

What we do

The Macrovue Story

Macrovue is an Australian owned and operated online-broker. We aspire to make the world’s biggest and most innovative companies, industries and trends accessible to all Australian investors.

  • Macrovue Past

    Macrovue was founded in 2014 with the aim of making international share trading easier for self-directed investors by making market data and analysis more accessible. It was soon realised that access to information was not the only barrier to trading, it was also the time and expertise required to research, analyse and come to an informed investment decision.

  • Macrovue Present

    Today we offer an online service that makes international investing simple, transparent and affordable. Investors can search, analyse and trade over 20,000 shares and ETFs across 23 exchanges, including the ASX. Our unique share portfolios (Vues) remove the complexity of researching and selecting which shares to buy, helping investors quickly and easily access the world’s biggest and most innovative companies.

  • Macrovue Future

    We will continue to support and empower Australians to invest in the best companies and sectors from around the world. We’ll evolve and improve our suite of investor tools, including our trading platform and Vues. And we’ll remain staunch supporters of international investing and the growth and diversification benefits it can offer.

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