Macrovue started as an idea to make complex stock market information more accessible to self directed investors. Along the way we learnt that the complexity of the stock market was not the only barrier to trading, it was also about the time required to research and draw an informed analysis.

Macrovue evolved and created an online investment service that removed the burden of research, revolutionising international stock investing by providing a transparent and affordable way for retail investors to enter the stock market.

Focusing on the consumer has allowed Macrovue to go from strength to strength. Our investors include some of the most well-known financial services firms in Australia including AMP, InvestSmart, and H2 Ventures.

The Australian Financial Review recognised us as one of the eight fintechs changing financial services. In 2016, we were awarded Afiniation’s ‘Best in Show’, and won Money Management’s Fintech showdown at the ‘The Future of Wealth Management Technology’ conference. We were also a finalist for the ‘Fintech Finals 2016’ in Hong Kong.

Our vision is to help people reach their financial goals by providing a new accessible way of investing through ideas and passions.

We believe global investing should not just be limited to institutional investors. Our commitment is to make the stock market borderless and accessible to everyone.

We empower people to invest in what matters to them by providing a gateway to international markets and access to stocks that benefit from an investment theme or megatrend.

We enable our customers to have more choice of investment options and greater control over their financial future by making the global stock market simple, transparent and ideas-driven.