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We can help you and your clients access domestic and international equities through our intuitive and cost-effective investment platform. Trade individual shares and ETFs or invest in our professionally researched share portfolios – called Vues.

International investing, simplified

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Share trading


Our modern and intuitive platform allows you to search, analyse and trade over 20,000 international shares and ETFs.

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Invest in Vues


Vues provide fast and easy access to some of the world’s biggest trends and most innovative companies.

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Why add Macrovue to your stable of product providers?

  • Simplified trading

    Trade international and ASX-listed shares through a single, intuitive adviser trading platform.

  • Experienced investment team

    Our concentrated share portfolios (Vues) are professionally constructed, monitored daily and reviewed quarterly.

  • Admin support

    Online applications, annual tax reports and corporate action support reduce the admin burden.

  • Low fees

    Our fee structure is among the simplest and most competitive in the market.

  • Safe and secure

    Securities are held in custody by one of the world’s biggest and most respected brokers.

  • Adviser services

    Get answers and support via our Sydney-based adviser support team.

Ready-to-invest share portfolios

Our investment committee have constructed 23 ready-to-invest share portfolios called Vues. Each Vue contains 10 shares designed to give exposure to a global trend, issue or an investment style. Unlike an ETF, the objective is to add alpha, not just beta exposure to the theme.

  • 22%

    Water - Liquid Gold

    1 year return as 13/10/2019*
    • basf.png
    • ferguson.png
    • veolia_environnement.png
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  • 18.83%

    5G Wireless Technology

    1 year return as 13/10/2019*
    • american_tower_corporation.png
    • qualcomm_incorporated.png
    • lm_ericsson_telefon_ab.png
    Learn more
  • 18.56%

    Tech Stars

    1 year return as 13/10/2019*
    • microsoft_corporation.png
    • apple_inc.png
    • facebook.png
    Learn more
  • 15.38%

    Aussie Large Cap

    1 year return as 13/10/2019*
    • commonwealth_bank_of_australia.png
    • bhp_billiton_limited.png
    • csl_limited.png
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Vues Vue type 1 year return
13 Oct 19*
1 month return
13 Oct 19*
Dividend yield
Water - Liquid Gold Global Issues 22% 4.43% 1.85% Learn more
5G Wireless Technology Global Trends 18.83% 0.37% 1.19% Learn more
Tech Stars Investment Styles 18.56% 1.07% 1.01% Learn more
Aussie Large Cap Investment Styles 15.38% 5.3% 4.77% Learn more
Disruptive Technologies Global Trends 15.33% -1.72% 0.01% Learn more
Silver Haired Economy Global Trends 12.25% 5.26% 3.84% Learn more
Internet of Things Global Trends 12.21% 0.01% 1.40% Learn more
International High Dividend Investment Styles 11.65% 6.47% 8.09% Learn more
High Quality Investment Styles 11.64% 2.57% 3.50% Learn more
India Global Trends 10.32% 4.33% 2.14% Learn more
Warren Buffett Top 10 Investment Styles 8.58% 3.89% 2.50% Learn more
Social Media Global Trends 7.75% 4.58% 0.50% Learn more
Feed the World Global Issues 6.75% 1.8% 1.75% Learn more
Bank on it Investment Styles 5.75% 6.51% 3.69% Learn more
Artificial Intelligence Global Trends 3.64% -1.23% 0.43% Learn more
Clean Technology Global Issues 1.77% 8.05% 2.85% Learn more
Asian Healthcare Global Trends -2.53% 3.5% 1.14% Learn more
Luxury Goods Global Trends -3.48% 1.11% 1.56% Learn more
Car of the Future Global Trends -5.46% 8.33% 2.24% Learn more
Big Oil Investment Styles -7.48% 4.72% 4.56% Learn more
Gaming Investment Styles -8.28% 8.71% 2.83% Learn more
Entertainment Investment Styles -13.38% -3.63% 1.31% Learn more
Genomics Revolution Global Trends - -7.39% 0.00% Learn more

Using a Core-Satellite approach

Our diverse range of Vues can complement or replace traditional Core or Satellite options – helping to reduce investment costs and increase levels of control and transparency.

Vues also provide an opportunity to access particular trends, themes or sectors that particularly interest you or your clients. Industries like artificial intelligence, 5G and electric vehicles, global issues like water scarcity and clean technology, or markets like India.

  1. Approach 1

    ETF (Core) + Macrovue Vues (Satellites)

    • Use an ETF as the core to track a chosen index; and
    • Use one or more Macrovue Vues as satellites
  2. Approach 2

    Macrovue defensive Vues (Core) + Macrovue growth Vues (Satellites)

    • Use one or more of Macrovue’s defensive Vues as the core; and
    • Use one or more Macrovue Vues as satellites

How to invest

There are two options for accessing Macrovue’s Vues and trading platform. The solution for you depends on how you like to operate your practice.

Platform Fees

Macrovue’s Adviser Platform

Access global shares and Vues via our Adviser Platform - branded for your office.

Our fee schedule can be customised based on the specific needs of you and your practice. Get in touch to learn more.

Third party investment platforms

A number of our Vues can be accessed as SMAs via traditional investment platforms. These include:

  • Praemium (Super and IDPS menu)
  • Hub24 (IDPS menu)
  • OneVue (IDPS menu)
  • Management fee: 0.8% pa
  • Performance fee: 0.0% pa

* note that trading and transaction costs are additional and fees and charges will be disclosed in the relevant Product Disclosure Statement issued by the investment platform provider.

Questions some advisers ask

  • Vues

    Are Vues regularly reviewed and rebalanced?

    The Macrovue Investment Committee reviews each portfolio quarterly. If the review results in a recommendation to update or rebalance the Vue, Macrovue will let you know and provide an option for you to place a bulk trade and update the relevant Vue for some or all of your clients.

  • Vues

    Do your Vues have a research rating?

    Macrovue's Vues currently do not have a research rating from third parties such as Lonsec or Zenith. The Macrovue portfolios are not managed funds - they are portfolios of 10 shares listed on the world's major exchanges.

  • General

    Who is your Custodian?

    Macrovue’s custodian is Interactive Brokers. Interactive Brokers conducts its business on over 120 global market destinations, providing trade execution and clearing services to institutional and professional traders.