About The Webinar

While artificial intelligence still feels like science fiction, it is already part of many of our lives. AI enabled systems are already used for fraud detection, customer analytics and hardware devices including, smartphones, wireless speakers, autonomous cars.

Applying self-learning algorithms to data has the potential to supercharge productivity growth and therefore the investing implications are huge.

The broad application of AI and how it can be used – from autonomous vehicles and problem-solving software to more efficient factories and smart cities – have got investors excited to buy into this megatrend.

The Macrovue Artificial Intelligence Vue

Our Investment team has researched and constructed a portfolio focused on the five main AI technology systems in practice now. These companies are the early AI adopters that combine a strong digital capability with proactive strategies that have higher profit margins and are likely to widen the performance gap with other firms in the future.

Attend our free investor information session to learn more about the stocks in our portfolio and how you can invest in this megatrend. This webinar will explore:

• The impact AI will have on the global economy
• The companies at the forefront of AI technology
• Why now is a good time to invest in AI technology
• An overview of some of the stocks in the portfolio
• Our stock selection criteria and research methodology.

Join our senior investment analysts, Clay Carter and Dev Sinha, and our Head of Client Services, Maz Zaman, for this live Q&A information session as they discuss this prime investment opportunity.

To learn more about investing in artificial intelligence, register for our upcoming webinar on May 3, 2018.