Aussie Large Cap

Invest in the biggest movers and shakers in the ASX – the top 10 Australian companies listed on the ASX by market capitalisation.

BHP Billiton is one of the world’s biggest miners with a market cap of > A$100 bn.

The total assets of Australian banks.

The combined market share of Coles & Woolworths in supermarkets in Australia.

The number of visits to a Scentre Group owned shopping centre in 2015.

Investing in large cap blue chip companies has been a popular investment strategy for a long time. More often than not, blue chips have a long operating history and have been listed on the stock exchange for decades. Run by able management teams with extensive experience at the helm of publicly listed companies, they implement shareholder-friendly practices. Needless to say, the companies tend to be market leaders in their respective sectors and are a favourite of investors with long investment horizons.

Australia has its fair share of such blue chip stocks. The top ten stocks by market capitalization listed in ASX together make up a lion’s share of the market capitalisation of ASX200. The list includes names familiar to any Aussie household – the big 4 banks – Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA-AU), Westpac (WBC-AU), NAB (NAB-AU) and ANZ (ANZ-AU), mining giant BHP Billiton (BHP-AU) as well as Wesfarmers (WES-AU) and Woolworths (WOW-AU).

The Aussie Market Cap Vue has been constructed to invest in top ten companies listed in ASX by market capitalisation.

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