Battle of the Bulge

Invest in companies creating innovations to battle the obesity epidemic across the world. This Vue includes pharmaceuticals, nutrition and weight management products as well as sporting apparel companies.

1.4 billion people are overweight

Obesity is the cause of 2.8 million deaths every year

Medical costs related to obesity are 190 billion in the US alone

Worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1989

One of the biggest epidemics facing the developed world today is the curse of obesity. Ironically, while malnutrition is the primary issue plaguing developing countries, obesity is a rising problem as well. Such is the reach of this global “disease”, experts have coined the term “Globesity” to refer to the global nature of the problem. According to WHO, obesity statistics have doubled since early 1980s – for example, 32% of US adults are now classified obese (Body Mass Index > 30) whereas that number stood at 16% as recently as 1995. WHO estimates 500 million people across the world are clinically obese and by 2030, more than half the population in many countries could become obese.

According to WHO, obesity not only leads to diseases like hypertension, diabetes and heart disease, it also has significant economic costs by way of higher medical costs and lower labour productivity. There is increasing awareness about the scale of the negative impact obesity can have on our lives. Governments, corporates, educational institutions and individuals have started moving towards pursuing more active lifestyles with healthier diets. This is likely to create additional demand for commercial weight loss products and services, sporting goods and services and pharmaceutical drugs
as well.

The Battle of the Bulge Vue is designed to give exposure to companies, across different sectors as well as geographies, benefitting from the fight against global obesity.

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