Benefits of Investing & Risks of Investing

Benefits of investing with Macrovue include:

Diversification of investment portfolio
Many of the Vues on our platform include shares of companies from diverse sectors and/or geographies. International shares are typically less correlated with Australian shares and adding them to your investment portfolio could help you reduce total risk via diversification.

Portfolio based investing
A Vue is a portfolio of several companies related to a theme. When you buy the share of one company, you take on risk related to the individual company and also risk related to the overall share market. Investing in a Vue can help you reduce the risk related to individual companies in your portfolio, reducing the overall risk of your investment in a theme.

Low brokerage fees and a competitive foreign exchange rate
Macrovue offers some of the lowest brokerage fees in Australia for both domestic and international equities. In addition, we offer a competitive foreign exchange rate relative to financial institutions.

Access to companies listed in exchanges across 18 countries
Macrovue gives you access to stocks and ETFs in major international stock exchanges like NYSE, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, SGX (Singapore), Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Tokyo Stock Exchange. Access to foreign exchanges means you can invest in world’s leading companies such as GE, Walmart, Google, Nestle among others. You can also invest in many rapidly growing companies and emerging growth stories like India and China via American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) listed in the US.*

Evolving investment themes
Industries and companies are changing rapidly today, enabled by emerging technologies. Macrovue helps you to stay ahead of the curve and invest in emerging global themes and trends – from ideas like water scarcity to global obesity to clean technology.

* The examples provided do not constitute advice to buy, sell or hold a security

Risks of investing include:

Potential loss of capital
Investing in Vues and/or shares, both domestic and international, is risky and may lead to permanent loss of invested capital. Equities are volatile and their values may fluctuate through time. Macrovue cannot and does not guarantee returns of any Vue or stock.

FX risks
Investing in Vues and/or international shares involves currency risks. Since international shares are not denominated in Australian dollars, the value of your investment could be adversely impacted by unfavourable moves in exchange rates.

Geo-political and regulatory risks
International shares are executed and held in custody by an international custodian. This is governed by the laws and regulations of the country of the custodian and/or of the stock exchange of the security in question and hence exposed to risk of economic, political and regulatory changes of the relevant jurisdiction.

Tax implications
Investing in international shares have tax implications different from that of Australian shares. Macrovue does not provide personal financial or tax advice and you are responsible for understanding the tax impact for your individual circumstances.