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Janki Sharma
China – Higher Growth And Lower Leverage Can’t Be Achieved Together

China’s investment and export intensive growth model has propelled it to the..

Janki Sharma
Disruptive Technology: The Invisible Hand

The invisible hand of disruptive technology brings structural change..

Janki Sharma
India: 2016 Has Been a Positive Year for Reforms

The year 2016 has been one of several key reforms for India. The passing of..

Janki Sharma
OPEC regains Its mojo, for now

The OPEC cartel led by Saudi Arabia has surprised markets by agreeing to cut..

Janki Sharma
What if The Renminbi (RMB) became a reserve currency?

The US dollar has been the preferred currency for denominating oil prices..

Janki Sharma
Saying goodbye to 'secular stagnation'

As 2016 draws to a close, investors leave behind a year in which events..

Janki Sharma
A little spice in your portfolio can make all the difference

The search for geographical diversification leads us to focus on countries..

Janki Sharma
Chicken And Eggs: The Hard Economics Behind Soft Commodities

In the tumult of the recent downturn in commodity prices, it’s easy to lose..

Janki Sharma
Why the Reserve Bank of India Has It Better Than Other Central Banks

The GFC in 2008 drove Central Banks across the US (the Federal Reserve) and..

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