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Clay Carter
Uber: King of the Unicorns

Uber is the King of the Unicorns. So what’s a “Unicorn”? In finance, a ..

Clay Carter
Splunk – investing in big data analytics

What is “Big Data”? Well, every day we create close to 3 exabytes of data...

Clay Carter
U.S. Tax Reform and the Markets

Unlike much of the news flow that emanates from the White House, we at..

Dev Sinha
The stock markets are going crazy. What do I do?

The global market’s rollercoaster returned a few weeks ago. After a long..

Clay Carter
The Car of the Future Investment Portfolio Review - November 2016

The global automotive industry is at an inflection point; one that is..

Clay Carter
Three high performing social media stocks worth investing in

The Macrovue Social Media thematic portfolio, known as a ‘Vue’, has..

Clay Carter
Three cleantech stocks worth investing in

The Clean Technology Vue has generated a total return of +17.92% in the last..

Clay Carter
The Ten Most Important Trends for Global Markets in 2017

Global economic trends shape the world we live in. New economic trends such..

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