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Clay Carter
4 companies benefiting from an ageing population

The world population is aging, with variations by country. By mid-century, ..

Clay Carter
4 banks showing strong potential

Overseas banks are at a positive inflection point, and the group is expected..

Clay Carter
Three of our favourite tech stocks

There are few companies, sectors or industries that remain immune to the..

Clay Carter
Three companies at the forefront of the food economy

The Macrovue investment committee looks at three companies strongly..

Clay Carter
Six social media companies for your portfolio

2018 was a tough year for social media companies. Two factors were at work:

Clay Carter
A beginners guide to international investing

Want to know more about investing in international markets, shares and..

Clay Carter
Diversify dividends with these five companies

Macrovue’s Head of Investment Committee Clay Carter takes a look at five..

Clay Carter
Three of Warren Buffets biggest bets

Macrovue’s Head of Investment Committee Clay Carter runs his ruler over..

Clay Carter
Five Indian companies poised for growth

On its surface growth is appealing, bringing about a number of advantages..

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