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Clay Carter
Three high performing social media stocks worth investing in

The Macrovue Social Media thematic portfolio, known as a ‘Vue’, has..

Clay Carter
Three cleantech stocks worth investing in

The Clean Technology Vue has generated a total return of +17.92% in the last..

Clay Carter
Car of the Future Quarterly Review April 2018

The Car of the Future Vue is a portfolio dedicated to investing in the..

Clay Carter
Technology Shares To Buy - Have The “FANG” Stocks Still Got Bite?

This article was featured on The Australian on 21st April, written by..

Clay Carter
Top 3 Agriculture Shares - Feed the World Vue Quarterly Review May 2018

The Feed the World Vue is a portfolio that includes companies which have..

Clay Carter
Best-performing Shares | Luxury Goods Vue Quarterly Review - May 2018

The Luxury Goods Vue is a concentrated share portfolio of high conviction..

Clay Carter
Top 3 IoT Stocks - Internet of Things Vue Quarterly Revie - May 2018

The Internet of Things Vue is a share portfolio that comprises of ten global..

Clay Carter
Top 3 Global High-Quality Shares - Vue Quarterly Review - May 2018

Macrovue’s High Quality Vue is a concentrated portfolio of ten high quality..

Dev Sinha
Top 3 Gaming Shares - Portfolio Quarterly Review June 2018

The Gaming Vue has had a great year, notching up a total return of +21.06%..

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