Clean Tech

Invest in companies at the forefront of developing clean and more efficient technologies, and companies benefiting from such products and services.

Lighting is a significant contributor to energy consumption, taking up ~19% of global electricity output.

Road transportation contributes 17% of carbon emissions and there are many companies involved in developing technologies and products to improve efficiency.

Experts have conducted extensive studies on the adverse effects of environment pollution. Unsurprisingly, they conclude there is significant negative impact on health and environment, including ecological balance and global warming. Broadly, pollution is classified under five categories – air, water, soil, noise and light.

In the pursuit of relentless economic growth and industrialization, governments and corporations have overlooked impact on environment. The situation is changing now. For example, developed economies are now implementing measures to cut energy consumption and carbon emissions per capita using cleaner technologies. Corporates and governments are implementing various energy efficiency programs to benefit from lower costs.

There is a concurrent focus on environment sustainability and energy security. Some of the sectors that are first order beneficiaries of this structural trend include transportation (including electric cars, buses, and rail), building & construction (from better use of materials & design / LEED certification, Industrials and Lighting sectors.

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