About The Webinar

This webinar will explore:

  • The global economic impact of disruptive technologies.
  • The companies at the forefront of disruptive technologies.
  • Why it is still not too late to invest in this megatrend.
  • Top 10 companies that are at the forefront of developing and/or using disruptive technologies.
  • Our stock selection criteria and research methodology.

Why Invest In Disruptive Technologies?

Disruptive technologies to drive exponential change across multiple industries

Disruption is the flavour of the season. Hardly a day goes by without coming across articles in the press on how large technology companies like Google and Amazon are disrupting incumbents in various industries and eating their lunch right under their noses.

In fact, some of the revolutionary technologies we read about like autonomous vehicles or advanced robots are closer to reality than we think. The pace of technological change has accelerated over time, especially over the past few decades (see the chart below).


Technological change has accelerated over time

We live in very exciting times in that many advancements in various technology research areas have made rapid progress – and all coming together at the same time to create a multiplier effect.

But there is more to disruption that traditional technology companies and many more creative innovative companies beyond the usual suspects like Facebook or Apple.

12 key disruptive technologies likely to have more than US$16 trillion in economic impact by 2025

According to a McKinsey Global Institute report “Disruptive Technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy”, there are twelve key disruptive technologies that will radically transform our lives over the next few decades and create massive economic value in multiples of trillions of dollars.

These technologies range from mobile internet and Internet of Things to next-gen genomics and 3D printing.

It is still not too late to invest in this megatrend

While some of these sub-themes of disruptive technologies are already underway, it is still not too late to invest in the megatrend. This is a long term structural theme that is likely to play out over the next few decades and will present many interesting investment opportunities.

Our Investment team has researched and constructed a portfolio to invest in the twelve key disruptive technologies and trends currently underway. These companies are at the forefront of developing and/or using disruptive technologies to upend existing business models and take market share from incumbents.

This free investor information session will therefore explore the ten disruptive-technologies stocks that were hand-picked by Macrovue’s Investment team and how to invest in this megatrend.

Macrovue's Disruptive Technologies portfolio Has Outperformed The Benchmark Indices, ASX 200, S&P 500, MSCI ACWI, in the last 12 months


Clay Carter | Head of Investment Committee

Clay has 25+ years experience managing global equity portfolios. Most recently, he was Head of International Investments at Perennial Investment Partners. Previously, Clay managed investment portfolios at QBE, PM Capital, Legal and General Life of Australia, and AMP. He has developed alternative methods to traditional market analysis and portfolio management and regularly appears on CNBC Asia and Bloomberg TV.

Dev Sinha | Chief Investment Officer

Dev is the co-founder of Macrovue and leads the Equity Research and Product Development teams. He started his career as a quantitative analyst at Putnam Investments in Boston before moving to Singapore to join Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Dev has an MBA from The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University and an MS in Financial Engineering from Columbia University.

Maz Zaman | Head of Customer Success

Maz has over 10 years of experience in driving customer success in the financial services industry and 15 years of experience in sales. Maz specializes in leadership and relationship management and is motivated by innovative and creative ideas. Prior to joining Macrovue, Maz was Performance Coach at BT Financial Group and previous to that, was a manager at Commonwealth Bank.

About Macrovue

Macrovue makes international investing easy

Macrovue’s Vision is to provide our clients with the world’s best international thematic investment solutions. Our Mission is to empower our clients to increase their wealth by helping them invest in the best companies and trends shaping tomorrow.

We achieve this for clients by making international investing easy.

Macrovue’s Investment Team researches and manages thematic global share portfolios (‘Vues’) that select the best global investment themes and companies within these themes. We keep the Vues up-to-date with quarterly review and rebalancing to make sure investors always have access to the best companies in their portfolio.

Our team has more than 50 years’ combined experience in global equity markets, spanning organisations including Putnam Investments, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, AMP, PM Capital, QBE Insurance and Perennial Investment Partners.

Macrovue also provides seamless global share trading and reporting for clients to trade the Vues and international shares and ETF’s direct on 20 exchanges using any of 9 currencies.

Award-winning investment solutions

The Australian Financial Review recognised us as one of the eight fintechs changing financial services. In 2016, we were awarded Afiniation’s ‘Best in Show’, and won Money Management’s Fintech showdown at the ‘The Future of Wealth Management Technology’ conference. We were also a finalist for the ‘Fintech Finals 2016’ in Hong Kong.


Attend our webinar to learn more about the 10 disruptive-technologies stocks that were hand-picked by Macrovue’s experts and how you can invest in this megatrend.