Disruptive Techonology

Invest in companies that are using disruptive technologies to fundamentally change industries and economies.

Potential economic impact by 2025 of automation of knowledge work

Driver-caused deaths from car accidents in 2025, potentially addressable by autonomous vehicles

Cost and time to sequence a human genome in the next decade

More people with access to the internet in 2025

A disruptive innovation is an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market leading firms, products and alliances.

In 2013, the McKinsey Global Institute published a report identifying what they believed are the twelve most economically disruptive technologies over the next ten years. These are:

  1. The Mobile Internet
  2. Automation of Knowledge Work
  3. The Internet of Things
  4. Cloud Technology
  5. Advanced Robotics
  6. Autonomous Vehicles
  7. Next Generation Genomics
  8. Energy Storage
  9. 3D Printing
  10. Advanced Materials
  11. Advanced Oil and Gas Exploration and Recovery
  12. Renewables

McKinsey believes the aggregate additional economic value of adoption is between $US14 trillion to $US33 trillion per annum by 2025. That in itself is a significant investment opportunity as are the companies that are in the vanguard of economic disruption.

In the Disruptive Technologies Vue, we include companies that are leaders in the technologies listed above. These innovative corporations are growing rapidly by adopting disruptive technologies.

Another category consists of smaller companies. They are the so-called “early disrupters” – companies that are relatively new to the market having gone public in the last 12-36 months. They use powerful disruptive technologies and are gaining market share at the expense of larger legacy players.

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