Dividend Kings

Invest in companies with a long history of stable and growing dividends.

Pfizer is the world’s second largest pharmaceutical company in terms of prescription sales revenue.

McDonald’s is the largest fast food chain worldwide and is forecasted to generate 223.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2020.

By unit sales, Daimler is the thirteenth-largest car manufacturer and second-largest truck manufacturer in the world.

Home Depot is by far the largest home improvement retailer in the United States as well as the world.

The Dividend Kings Vue seeks to provide consistent long-term total return from global shares. That means accessing a growing dividend over time plus share appreciation. To put this Vue together we have concentrated on high quality global companies that have a long history (10 years+) of substantial dividend growth.

While the starting yield is somewhat important, we are not looking for the highest yielding companies. While attractive on the surface, a high yield may indicate an elevated earnings payout ratio and low growth. What we do value is the potential for a high rate of dividend growth going forward based on superior earnings growth and cash flow generation. These companies, for the most part, are likely to be dominant players in the industries where they operate.

The fact is, that over the long term, dividends have proven to be a meaningful source of stock market returns. Since 1930 through the end of 2012, dividends have represented over 40% of the S&P 500 Index’s total return.

In fact, dividends generate a larger portion of equity returns over time- the longer the holding period the higher the contribution. This chart represents the time period from Jan. 1, 1960-Sept 30, 2014.

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