Luxury Goods

Invest in companies benefiting from growth in demand for luxury goods in emerging economies across Asia.

Luxury goods retail sales in Asia-Pacific to reach 134.9 billion by 2019

There were 5.1 million high net worth individuals in Asia-Pacific in 2015

High net worth individual wealth to grow 142% between 2015 to 2025

Compound annual growth rate of luxury retail sales in Asia-Pacific at 7%

Many developing countries in emerging markets, especially in Asia have experienced rapid GDP growth and increasing wealth over the last decade. Growing wealth coupled with rising disposable incomes has led to a steep rise in demand for luxury goods and services.

China, India and Indonesia are three of Asia’s largest emerging economies with a combined population nearing 2.75 billion and a combined GDP exceeding US$10 trillion. Indonesian GDP per capital recently crossed US$3500. This is expected to kick-start higher growth in discretionary spending. Rising disposable incomes of the middle class leads to higher buying power and more demand for aspirational goods. Hence, it is no surprise that we see new showrooms for brands like Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton popping up in Mumbai, Jakarta and Shanghai. The brands people look up to and aspire for are usually from US or Europe.

The Dream Up Vue seeks to get exposure to this secular long term trend in demand for luxury goods in Asia. This includes companies manufacturing and selling designer bags, clothing, alcoholic beverages, and jewellery.

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