General Questions

Macrovue is the world’s first global thematic investment platform. Whilst we offer the traditional ability to buy and sell single shares in 18 different exchanges globally, we are different from traditional brokerages in two ways.

First, we enable investing in thematic portfolios, which we call Vues. A Vue may be based on a long term investment theme and contain multiple stocks recommended by us, or it may be constructed by you from scratch to track your own ideas.

Second, we make the process to buy global shares easy and cost effective. Onboarding is simple without requiring paper based forms, purchases can be completed in a couple of clicks, and all data is shown in Australian Dollars. Our brokerage commissions are also amongst the lowest in Australia.

There are many great ideas out there. Finding discerning ways to turn those ideas into equity investments can be daunting when you have reams of data and information to wade through and limited access to professional analysis.

At Macrovue, we do the hard work for you. Our team is dedicated to constructing portfolios of 10 stocks each, called Vues, that give you exposure to a selected theme, while also allowing you the flexibility and control to fine-tune as you go.

We are targeting do-it-yourself investors looking for a new way to invest a portion of their savings and engaged in deciding how best to allocate their money. Our users demand the transparency and control that much of the superannuation industry doesn’t provide.

We are committed to looking beyond our own beautiful shores to opportunities in the world’s largest and most dynamic economies so that you don’t miss investing in the next chapter of China’s growth story or the U.S. recovery or the Internet of Things that’s reshaping our lives. The majority of our Vues are blind to borders, looking only for the stocks that best express a theme. So, not only are you diversified through multiple companies, you are also geographically diversified.

Come join us and explore a new world of ideas.

Do you have an idea you want to invest in but don’t know which stocks to pick?

Do you want to diversify your investments away from Australian domestic shares and property?

Too busy to properly research 20,000+ individual stocks and ETFs?

Do you want direct control and transparency over your shares and ETFs, and not pay high fees to a Managed Fund or a Robo-Advisor?

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, then Macrovue can help you.

Please look around our site further or talk to us directly via our website or at

Macrovue is operated by Macrovue Pty Ltd (ABN 98 600 022 679) and holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (484264) issued by ASIC. Please read our Financial Services Guide for further information. We are also one of the few Australian companies to be registered as a Qualified Intermediary with the IRS in the U.S.

We are well funded by publicly listed institutions such as AMP and AWI, and venture capitalists such as H2 Ventures and Gatica Investments.

We have strong governance procedures in place and the management team has several decades of experience with leading fund managers, brokerages, and investment banks. Please see our About Us page for more information.

Opening an Account

Absolutely. By signing on with an email address and password, you can create a trial profile, which allows you to select, edit and track Vues as well as create your own. This profile will have full access for 30 days. If you’d like to take the next step and begin investing in Vues, or shares, you will need to complete a trading account application and fund it with a minimum deposit of $2,000 on approval.

See our pricing page for more information about the features and benefits available in different accounts.

The process is fully online. All you need to do is fill in our online form with your personal information. We need to collect this in order to meet our legal obligations for anti-money laundering regulations.

It only takes about 5 minutes to complete the application for an individual account and you can always save and come back if you don’t have all the information on you.

We will email you as soon as your account is ready to trade.

We offer individual, joint, self-managed super fund (“SMSF”), company, and trust accounts.

Yes, you must be an Australian resident for tax purposes. The simplest way to think about this is whether you submit an Australian tax return?

The Australian Taxation Office provides more information if you have unique circumstances. The information can be found here:

Yes, you can open a trading account as long as you are also an Australian tax resident. Note that you will have to fill in an electronic W9 form which we will send you separately in an email after you submit your application to us.

Yes. We currently accept U.S. Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Swiss Francs, Hong Kong Dollars and Singapore Dollars.

First, you will need to complete a trading account application.

To complete a transfer for Australian Dollars, you can request a deposit on We will provide you with the secure transfer details for Macrovue’s trust account. We will notify you via email when your funds are available for investing.

To complete a transfer for any other currency, please contact Macrovue Support.


A Vue is a portfolio of shares. When you buy a Vue, you become a beneficial owner of the individual shares in that Vue. Vues are not like managed funds or ETFs and you can change the quantity, or remove shares in a Vue.

Macrovue constructs Vues designed around a theme using our in house team of investment experts that have extensive experience in financial markets with institutions such as AMP, Perennial, Legal & General, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Putnam Investments.

We also let users create and invest in their own Vues.

Unlike ETFs and managed funds, Vues give you full transparency and you can add/remove shares in a Vue. While we do recommend shares in Vues and provide regular updates to the recommendations, we do not manage your portfolio for you. You will always be in full control of your investment.

When you invest in Vues, you are the beneficial owner of the individual shares, unlike managed funds and ETFs. Hence you may also receive tax benefits since tax gains and losses are not shared with other investors in a pooled vehicle.

Also, unlike index tracking ETFs, we pick stocks that we believe are likely to outperform others with exposure to the theme.

We cannot provide you personal advice since we do not know your circumstances and are not licensed to do so.

However, we believe that investing in thematic Vues should be part of a broad investment strategy, where exposure to Vues gives your added diversification to your existing portfolio of assets.

Macrovue enables you to invest in portfolios of 10 shares each. Holding more shares reduces your risk relative to holding just a single company. This is because companies can operate in different parts across the value chain, in industries, and in different countries at different stages of the economic cycle. Each of these factors spreads out your risk so your portfolio becomes less sensitive to events in any one company, industry or geography.

The stock trading exchanges we work with may require a minimum trade amount, or minimum quantity per shares. When you purchase a Vue, we will tell you what the minimum amount required is.

Vues are reviewed every 3 months and updated if necessary. We will notify you of changes, if any. You have the option to follow through and implement the changes in your Vue, but we do not automatically rebalance on your behalf. Once you have purchased a Vue, you have complete control over how the Vue is managed, meaning you can decide to change the allocations to something that may better suit your personal circumstances, or remain invested in better performers over time.


The Vues page shows the Vues that are available for investment. You can explore each individual Vue to find the research thesis behind the Vue, detailed metrics and the list of shares. You have the choice to modify the Vue or if you’re happy with the current share picks, you can click to buy the Vue from this page.

Selecting Buy Vue will take you to the allocation step. By default, the allocation page displays the minimum possible investment in the Vue. You can choose any amount above the minimum and our allocate feature will attempt to provide an equal allocation in dollar terms across each of the shares automatically. If you wish to construct your own allocation, you can modify this accordingly.

There is also an option to select order type. Currently, you can choose either Market Order or Limit order. The default is set to Market Order.

Once you’re happy with the Vue, select proceed to confirm. This final step is designed to ensure that no inadvertent errors are passed through to the market for execution. Once you have confirmed your order, our system will acknowledge that it has received the order and then send it to the market for execution. You will receive a fill confirmation by e-mail once the trade has been executed.

Yes, you can purchase any one of the approximately 20,000 stocks we have on our database.

You can also customise any Vues to remove individual stocks before purchase, and if you have already purchased a Vue but want to sell just one stock, you can do that as well.

Macrovue enables you to trade in the following countries:

North America

  • United States
  • Canada


  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Finland
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom

Asia Pacific

  • Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Singapore

Macrovue’s algorithm attempts to perform an equal allocation across all the selected shares, essentially trying to split the notional amount invested equally across the shares. Where this is not possible, as a result of minimum investment sizes, liquidity constraints, or other factors, our system will make its best effort to achieve an equal allocation in dollar terms across all the selected shares.

If you wish to change the allocation from what the system has calculated, you may go to the underlying shares and change the relevant quantity.

Trading international shares is a complicated endeavour. There are several moving parts for a transaction, including:

  • The foreign exchange rate for the applicable currency you need to trade in
  • Whether the exchange your shares are listed on are open, and the shares are trading
  • The market price of the shares
  • The relevant fees, charges and government taxes that we need to pay to execute your transaction

To keep your experience as simple as possible, Macrovue builds in a buffer into the amount you’d like to invest in order to account for movements across each of the factors outlined above. This buffer is designed to maximise the amount available for you to invest.

We enable the cancellation of limit orders and there is no penalty charge.

Yes, Macrovue does enable you to place limit orders. We do not currently support stop-loss orders.

When you sell your shares, the proceeds will be credited to your account after ther settlement date. Settlement dates vary generally between two to three business days, depending on the jurisdiction involved. In unusual circumstances, market conditions can sometimes lead to an increase in settlement time. By default, the funds will be left in local foreign currency after settlement of trades. If you want to convert the funds to Australian Dollars, you can instruct us to do so on your behalf.

We give you the ability to view currency, dividend and share capital gains as well as prepare hassle-free end-of-year tax reports for your holdings. However, we do not offer any tax advice and you are responsible for your own tax filings.

The prices shown for the shares are based on previous day closing prices which are converted into Australian Dollars. We do not provide live pricing at the moment, but it is a feature that we may provide based on customer demand.


If you are investing in single shares, Macrovue charges you brokerage fees for the share and FX transactions. They may be additional taxes and fees charged by exchanges and countries in foreign jurisdictions which we pass on to you. There are no additional subscription fees.

If you are investing in our Vues, you will be charged an annual research fee of 0.80% per annum on market value of the holdings in the Vue. This is in addition to the standard brokerage fees for any transactions.

For more details please go to our pricing page.

The cost for any transactions in a Vue is simply the sum of the cost of the individual transactions whether they are purchases or sales.

We do not charge any Custodial fees.

No, we don’t charge anything extra for customising or creating your own Vue.

The brokerage fees that Macrovue provides is an estimated value only. It is impossible to know the final amount invested, and the exchange rates achieved, until the trade is actually fulfilled. Unless in times of extreme volatility, the estimate and actual fees should be very similar.

In addition to fees charged by Macrovue, transactions may be subject to taxes and duties from foreign exchanges and governments. While we make our best efforts to keep these charges estimated, it may be that fee structures change without our knowledge.


Your initial cash deposit is received in Macrovue’s trust account at ANZ. We move this cash balance to Interactive Brokers within two business days. Interactive Brokers is the custodian of your cash and stocks. They execute your buy and sell trade requests. All cash and securities are held in individually numbered accounts at Interactive Brokers segregated from other customer accounts and from Macrovue’s proprietary accounts.

Interactive Brokers is one of the largest retail brokerages in the U.S. and is a NASDAQ listed company (NASDAQ GS: IBKR) with strong levels of equity capital and robust risk management systems. For more details please go to 

Interactive Brokers LLC is a registered Broker-Dealer, Futures Commission Merchant and Forex Dealer Member, regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the National Futures Association (NFA), and is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and several other self-regulatory organizations. Interactive Brokers does not endorse or recommend any introducing brokers, third-party financial advisors or hedge funds, including Macrovue Pty Ltd. Interactive Brokers provides execution and clearing services to customers. None of the information contained herein constitutes a recommendation, offer, or solicitation of an offer by Interactive Brokers to buy, sell or hold any security, financial product or instrument or to engage in any specific investment strategy. Interactive Brokers makes no representation, and assumes no liability to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided on this website.

For more information regarding Interactive Brokers, please visit

Macrovue is operated by Macrovue Pty Ltd (ABN 98 600 022 679) and holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (484264) issued by ASIC. Please read our Financial Services Guide for further information. We are also one of the few Australian companies to be registered as a Qualified Intermediary with the IRS in the U.S.

We are well funded by publicly listed institutions such as AMP, and venture capitalists such as H2 Ventures and Gatica Investments.

We have strong governance procedures in place and the management team has several decades of experience with leading fund managers, brokerages, and investment banks. Please see the About page for more information.

We have developed an extremely secure infrastructure with several layers of security. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit, is protected by firewalls, and is backed up regularly.

We have developed an extremely secure infrastructure with several layers of security. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit, is protected by firewalls, and is backed up regularly.

If we are acquired or go public, your portfolio and funds held with us will remain secure and you will, as at any point, have the ability to close your Macrovue account, sell your holdings and withdraw your savings.

In the unlikely event we close, which we don’t foresee, we will give you the choice of transferring your positions and cash to another broker.

Performance & Analytics

One of the best features of Macrovue is the display of performance. We provide returns data in both dollar and percentage terms.

The performance of your overall portfolio or a Vue you have invested in is measured as:

Capital Gain/Loss + Income + Currency Gain/Loss = Total Return.

The meaning of each term is outlined below:

  • Capital Gain/Loss  – The change in dollar value of the underlying holdings calculated over relevant period in local currency converted to AUD based on daily mid spot rate at 4:00pm (GMT). This may also be calculated as a percentage.
  • Income – The total cash dividend payments received over relevant period in local currency converted to AUD based on daily mid spot rate at 4:00pm (GMT). This may also be calculated as a percentage.
  • Currency Gain/Loss – The dollar return derived from changes in the valuation of the underlying holdings due to exchange rate movements over relevant period converted to AUD based on daily mid spot rate at 4:00pm (GMT). This may also be calculated as a percentage.
  • Total Return – The dollar sum of Capital Gain/Loss, Income, and Currency Gain/Loss. This may also be calculated as a percentage.

The aggregate measure of Growth for a Vue is calculated using reported past and future earnings growth estimates. One notch signifies lower growth while five notches reflects higher growth potential.

The aggregate measure of Valuation for the Vue is calculated using relative values measures such as free cash flow yield, earnings yield, and other empirically tested metrics. One notch signifies relative expensiveness while five notches signifies relative cheapness.

The aggregate measure of Risk for the Vue is calculated using the standard deviation of the share prices of the underlying shares in the Vue over the past 12 months. One notch signifies a narrower share price trading band of the constituent stocks in the Vue, and consequently lower risk, while five notches signifies higher risk (and wider share price trading band).

Account Maintenance

Macrovue is not a registered tax agent and does not provide tax advice. Please contact a registered tax agent for more details on the implication of investing in international shares.

The following information is intended only as a guide.

Australian tax residents, who are not U.S. tax residents, will have taxes withheld at 15% for U.S. sourced income as the result of a tax treaty between Australia and the U.S. Withholding rates from other jurisdictions will depend on tax treaties that may exist between that country and Australia. Note that we cannot guarantee that the withholding rates that are specified in the treaties are applied, and we are unable to help in recovery of tax withheld in foreign jurisdictions.

Australian tax residents, who are U.S. tax residents, will generally not have any withholding on U.S. sourced income.

As corporate actions arise, we will notify you as to your available options and then execute your instructions. If you do not respond to our notifications, a default option will be applied to the corporate action.

Our reporting platform provides hassle-free tax reporting by sending you a statement that summarises all tax related transactions over the relevant reporting period.

No, but we are working to allow this feature in the future.

The dividends paid will be applied to your account in the local currency of the dividends.

General Questions

If you haven’t found the answer to your question or problem here, then feel free to contact us directly at

Even easier is to use the Support box at the bottom right hand corner of our website to send a message directly to our support team.