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Platform features

  • Individual share trading

    Trade 20,000+ shares and ETFs listed across 23 exchanges including Australia, the US, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada and Japan.

  • Low fees

    Brokerage is a low $15 (0.12% for trades over $12,500). Currency conversion fees are also competitive at 0.5%.

  • Simplified FX

    We automate currency conversion at a competitive institutional rate. Reports also display AUD prices/returns for easy comparison..

  • Paperless on-boarding

    We’ve streamlined onboarding through a paperless application process (including the W-8BEN form). We also accept cash deposits in over seven major currencies.

  • Transaction Statements

    End-of-financial year reports are available. We are also registered as a Qualified Intermediary with the IRS which means that you can easily take advantage of the tax treaty between the US and Australia.

  • Trade with confidence

    Our platform is highly secure incorporating 256-bit (bank level) encryption. Assets are held in custody by Interactive Brokers, one of the world’s largest retail brokerages.

Ready-to-invest share portfolios

Not sure where to invest? Our experienced investment committee have done the research for you and built 23 share portfolios we call Vues. Vues provide fast and easy access to some of the world’s best companies across a range of industries and markets.

  • 59.78%

    Big Oil

    1 year return as 19/01/2022*
    • Exxon_Mobil_Logo_fix.svg
    • chevron-new.svg
    • Total_logo_2003.svg
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  • 38.42%


    1 year return as 19/01/2022*
    • Reliance_Industries_Logo.svg
    • HDFC_Bank_Logo.svg
    • Infosys_logo.svg
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  • 38.34%

    High Quality

    1 year return as 19/01/2022*
    • microsoft.svg
    • TheHomeDepot.svg
    • Pfizer.svg
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  • 36.69%

    Bank on it

    1 year return as 19/01/2022*
    • bank-of-america-4_mini.svg
    • China_Construction_Bank.svg
    • Citi.svg
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Questions some investors ask

  • Investing

    Can I buy/sell shares in individual companies?

    Yes. You can trade any of the 20,000+ shares we have available on our platform. Shares are listed across 23 exchanges including the ASX, NASDAQ and New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and London Stock Exchanges. The process and experience closely resembles trading ASX-listed shares using a traditional online broker.

  • Security

    Am I the owner of the shares?

    You are the beneficial owner of your shares, giving you full control and transparency over your share holdings. Our custodian, Interactive Brokers, or sub-custodians appointed by Interactive Brokers, are the legal owners of the shares and hold them in trust for you. This is the most common system of ownership for foreign shares as the CHESS system is not available in foreign jurisdictions.

  • Opening an account

    How do I fund my account?

    To complete a transfer for Australian Dollars, you can request a deposit via your online account. You can deposit funds by direct credit from your bank, or using Australia Post’s secure POLi system. To complete a transfer for any other currency, contact us.