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Looking for investment ideas? From technology to social media to the automotive industry, Macrovue has got you covered.

Interested in technology? We offer everything from a broad exposure to the industry to specialised portfolios holding what we believe to be “best of breed” within a specific theme, for example:

Maybe you’re interested in investing in companies that are making the world a better place. May we suggest:

Perhaps you are looking for “blue chip” opportunities with a growing dividend stream. We offer two:

If you think consumer related companies are attractive then consider:

To access themes regarding aging populations and other prevailing demographic trends, take a look at:

Want income? The combination of these two could fit the bill:

Looking for a timely theme with a multi-decade time frame? Explore:


Car of the Future

Car of the Future

38.09% 1 year return*

Interested in financials but want to diversify away from Australian banks? Try:



Bank on it

3.86% 1 month return*

Looking for high growth? The following Vues are very growth orientated:

If you are a value investor check these out:

Consider yourself a bit of a “contrarian” investor? Have a look at:

Want to invest in one of the world’s fastest growing economies? Consider:


India investment portfolio


22.57% 1 year return*
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* Returns as of 30 November 2017 and dividend yield as of 27 November 2017. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Dividend yields are not guaranteed. For full performance numbers and methodology, please click here.