Macrovue is a Free Platform

You have access to all the features for 30 days. To continue this full access for free, you will need to complete a 3-5 minute trading application and deposit a minimum of $2,000 into your Macrovue account. Macrovue has no platform, access or membership fees.

Full access accounts have the following benefits:

  • Invest in over 20 themed portfolios called Vues that are reviewed regularly by market experts
  • Create your own Vues of global stocks and track performance
  • Buy and sell more than 20,000 stocks on 18 global exchanges
  • You can deposit and hold foreign currency cash to trade
  • Detailed performance and tax reporting

Trading in Vues and stocks will incur fees levied by Macrovue and, in some cases, by third-parties. These fees are detailed below.

Trading Fees

Trade Size per SecurityBrokerage per Security
Up to $12,500$15.00
More than $12,5000.12% of the Trade Value

AUD equivalent for both trade value and brokerage rates

Foreign Exchange Spread

AllA foreign exchange conversion spread of 0.50% of the trade transaction value is applicable for FX transactions.

Please refer to the Financial Services Guide (FSG) for more details on fees and charges

Research Fees

0.80% per annumResearch fees are applicable on market value of the holdings invested in Vues created by Macrovue. Fees are calculated daily and charged on a monthly basis. See Pricing Example for more details.

Third Party Fees & Charges

Some stock exchanges and countries charge additional fees and taxes for securities transactions. These are in addition to brokerage and foreign exchange fees. These fees may change from time to time.

United StatesFINRA Trade Activity Fee of 0.000119 USD per share on buy and sell trades
SEC fee of 0.00218% charged on the consideration of sell trades
United Kingdom0.50% may apply on purchases
France0.20% may apply on purchases
Italy0.20% may apply on purchases
Hong KongThe following taxes apply on both purchases and sales
0.0027% transaction levy
0.005% trading fee
0.10% stamp duty

Interest Rate

AllNo interest is currently paid on cash balances.