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Grow and diversify your SMSF

Add the world’s biggest and most innovative companies to your SMSF portfolio.

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Macrovue helps SMSF trustees access domestic and international markets through our intuitive investment platform. You can invest directly in individual shares and ETFs, or you can invest in our professionally researched share portfolios – called Vues.

Why SMSFs need to consider international equities

  • Growth

    Achieve your investment objectives by investing in growth-orientated companies, sectors and markets.

  • Income

    Improve your income profile by investing in international companies paying high and sustainable dividends.

  • Diversification

    Access companies, sectors and markets that are underrepresented or lowly correlated to the Australian market.

  • Diversification

    Our portfolio vues, span across many sectors and industries. You can invest in themes that interest you, like Renewables, Artifical Intelligence and Car of the future, whilst spreading your investment risk.

  • Paperless application

    End-of-financial year tax reports are available. We are also registered as a Qualified Intermediary with the IRS which means that you can easily take advantage of the tax treaty between the US and Australia.

International investing, simplified

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Share trading


Our modern and intuitive platform allows you to search, analyse and trade over 20,000 international shares and ETFs.

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Invest in Vues


Vues provide fast and easy access to some of the world’s biggest trends and most innovative companies.

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Why invest with Macrovue?

  • Simplified trading

    Trade international and ASX-listed shares through a single, intuitive trading platform.

  • Experienced investment team

    Our respected investment committee work hard to bring you the best opportunities.

  • Admin support

    Online applications, annual tax reports and corporate action support reduce admin.

  • Low fees

    Our fee structure is among the simplest and most competitive in the market.

  • Safe and secure

    Your assets are held in custody by one of the world’s biggest and most respected brokers.

  • Australian company

    Get answers via our Sydney-based support team - active investors themselves.

Diversify your income stream with the International High Dividend Vue

This Vue helps SMSFs quickly diversify into international companies and achieve a higher yield than may be available from global ETFs and managed funds. Using our proprietary screening system, we look for companies that offer high and sustainable dividends, market capitalisations in excess of US$1 billion and yields over 6%.


Intl. High Dividen..

1 year return as 23 09, 2020
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Adding global equities to your SMSF using the Core-Satellite approach

Many SMSFs are now taking a Core-Satellite approach to investing. A Core-Satellite approach combines the benefits of passive and active investing.

The Core of a portfolio generally consists of diversified and lower-cost investments. Investors will often achieve this through ETFs or their own portfolio of diverse securities.

Additional positions, known as Satellites, are added to the portfolio in the form of actively managed or concentrated investments. These can provide exposure to particular companies, sectors or markets that offer better growth and/or income opportunities, relative to the core investment(s).

  1. Approach 1

    ETF (Core) + Macrovue Vues (Satellites)

    • Use an ETF as the core to track a chosen index; and
    • Use one or more Macrovue Vues as satellites
  2. Approach 2

    Macrovue defensive Vues (Core) + Macrovue growth Vues (Satellites)

    • Use one or more of Macrovue’s defensive Vues as the core; and
    • Use one or more Macrovue Vues as satellites

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