Why invest in international shares?

There are two main benefits of investing in international shares

1. Growth

International investing lets you take advantage of the potential of higher growth in foreign countries. Investing in companies in growth industries that derive their earnings across regions and segments can also reduce volatility of earnings.

Greater choice creates opportunities to find companies with attractive valuations and opportunities in industries that are not available on the ASX.

Over the last 10 years, the Australian market has underperformed relative to global indices the S&P 500 and the MSCI World Index (excluding Australia).

Cumulative Returns of Major Indices 10 Years From May 2008

Cumulative Returns of Major Indices - 10 Years from May 2008. Source: FactSet

Future Fund Portfolio and Average SMSF Portfolio Comparison 2018

An average SMSF portfolio in comparison to Australia’s sovereign wealth fund, the Future Fund. This shows an average SMSF portfolio has significantly less exposure to global shares.

2. Diversification

Despite the Australian market representing just 2% of the global market, the average SMSF portfolio has a home-bias when it comes to equity allocation with a huge 29.4% allocated to domestic shares. SMSF investors hold roughly 0.65% of their portfolios in international shares.

Most of the companies listed on the ASX are concentrated in just a few sectors, with a small number of companies dominating these sectors. This concentration means that if any one company or sector underperforms, it can have a significant effect on a portfolio.

What are the risks of being over exposed to the Australian market?


Investors with a focus on the Australian share market carry exposure to the Australian economy and the $A, both of which are vulnerable to cyclical changes in commodity prices.

A small number of sectors

Investors in the Australian share market are also overexposed to a small number of sectors. The Australian share market is dominated by a handful of banks and miners, with a few retailers and a telco.

Missed Opportunities

A major concern for investors who have a home-bias is missed opportunity. By investing locally, Australians are missing out in opportunities not only in big technology companies such as Google and Apple, but also exciting sectors such as advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence and electric cars.

Macrovue Makes International Investing Easy By Thematic Investing

Through thematic investing, industries and companies can be identified which are best positioned to leverage of global trends, driving revenues and profits for investors. Macrovue take these companies and creates ready-to-invest portfolios of global shares called Vues. This removes the complexity and time restraints around research associated with global investing.

Our thematic share portfolios enable you to invest in some of the most innovative products and ideas that are reshaping the way we live. They range from Disruptive Technology, Clean Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, to Asian Healthcare, and more.

We do the research for you

We research, analyse and monitor thousands of stocks to bring you the best investment opportunities through thematic portfolios, known as Vues.

Tax reporting

End-of-financial year tax reports are available for download through your online account. We are also one of the few Australian companies to be registered as a Qualified Intermediary with the IRS which means that you can easily take advantage of the tax treaty between the U.S. and Australia.

Paperless on-boarding

We’ve simplified the trading process through a paperless application process (including the W8-Ben form), and easy funding options. Trading accounts are free and you can start trading immediately once your funds have been cleared.

Keep you updated on portfolio changes

Our team of investment analysts review and rebalance Vues quarterly, or sooner if necessitated by market events. Investors are notified of any changes made to the shares in a Vue so they can follow our lead in any share/s we trade within the Vues.

Foreign currency cash deposits

Deposit cash in 9 different currencies from any bank account around the world. You can hold this cash in its base currency without converting it to AUD.

Advanced technology

We make it easy to invest in global shares through one-click portfolio trading, automated FX conversions, and detailed performance analysis.

Constructing Macrovue’s global share portfolios

Thematic share investing

Macrovue approaches global investing thematically. Thematic investing is the approach of taking advantage of future global trends to identify drivers of value creation and risk.

Top-down investment approach

This ‘top-down’ investment approach helps investors gain exposure to shifts in global demographics, macroeconomic developments, and rapid technology advancements.

Our Investment Approach

Screen universe

20,000 shares are screened based on exposure to an investment trend, issue or style. Selection is based on factors such as market capitalisation, liquidity, and dividend yield.

Quantitative model

100 to 250 shares are selected, scored and ranked using a quantitative model. The ranking system is based on fundamentals, such as earnings growth, relative valuations, earnings quality, and dividends.

Fundamental research

The remaining 20 to 40 shares are further analysed for strong and sustainable fundamentals. Shares selected from this basket are diversified by geography, industry, and company size.

Resulting portfolio (Vue)

The top 40 per cent of shares from those short-listed are reviewed by the investment committee which then select the 10 best shares to create the resulting portfolio (Vue).

Explore Macrovue's thematic global share portfolios

Disruptive Technologies

1-year return*as of 30/04/2018


Invest in global companies pioneering technologies that are changing our world.


International High Dividend

dividend yield*as of 30/04/2018


Invest in a portfolio of global shares paying high and sustainable dividend yields.


Water - Liquid Gold

1-year return*as of 30/04/2018


Invest in global companies that stand to benefit from the growth in demand for water management and infrastructure.


Portfolio performance

Macrovue’s thematic global share portfolios have been generating strong performance.

* Returns as of 30 April 2018. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Dividend yields are not guaranteed. For full performance numbers and methodology, please click here.

Meet Macrovue's Investment Team

Clay Carter | Head of Investment Committee

Clay has 25+ years experience managing global equity portfolios. Most recently, he was Head of International Investments at Perennial Investment Partners. Previously, Clay managed investment portfolios at QBE, PM Capital, Legal and General Life of Australia, and AMP. He has developed alternative methods to traditional market analysis and portfolio management and regularly appears on CNBC Asia and Bloomberg TV.

Dev Sinha | Chief Investment Officer

Dev is the co-founder of Macrovue and leads the Equity Research and Product Development teams. He started his career as a quantitative analyst at Putnam Investments in Boston before moving to Singapore to join Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Dev has an MBA from The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University and an MS in Financial Engineering from Columbia University.

Dr. Sid Sahgal | COO

Sid brings almost 20 years of experience in finance and technology. He started his career at Honeywell Aerospace as a software engineer before moving to Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York as a quantitative analyst. Before starting Macrovue, Sid was a lecturer at UNSW while completing his PhD in Finance. He also holds a Masters in Computational Finance from Carnegie Mellon University.

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Why invest with Macrovue?

Portfolio diversification

Our portfolios are comprised of equities listed on 20 different global stock exchanges. They are diversified geographically, span multiple sectors, and contain the strongest companies across the value chain that have exposure to a theme.

Direct ownership of shares

Unlike ETFs or managed funds, you are buying portfolios of underlying shares. You are the beneficial owner of the individual shares so you will always know exactly what you own, and may also realise potential tax benefits.

Exposure to broader investment opportunities

Your portfolio will benefit from buying companies that are at the forefront of rapid technological advancements and huge shifts in demographic developments.

Individual share trading

We provide low-cost trading for more than 20,000 shares listed across 20 exchanges globally including the US, UK, Eurozone, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia.

Strong track record

Many of our portfolios have a track record longer than three years and have consistently out-performed international benchmarks.

Low fees

Our trade fee is $15 or 0.12% of the trade value. In addition, for Vue investments, we charge a competitive research fee of 0.80% pa. on the market value of the holdings with no performance fees. Learn more about our Pricing.

Investment team with more than 50 years’ combined experience

Our team has more than 50 years’ combined experience in global equity markets, spanning organisations including Putnam Investments, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, AMP, PM Capital, QBE Insurance and Perennial Investment Partners.

Award-winning investment solutions

The Australian Financial Review recognised us as one of the eight fintechs changing financial services. In 2016, we were awarded Afiniation’s ‘Best in Show’, and won Money Management’s Fintech showdown at the ‘The Future of Wealth Management Technology’ conference. We were also a finalist for the ‘Fintech Finals 2016’ in Hong Kong.

Our investors and partners

Our investors include some of the most well-known financial services firms in Australia including AMP New Ventures, InvestSmart, and H2 Ventures.

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IMPORTANT:  Share investments and foreign exchange rates can go up as well as down and involve the risk of loss. Past performance is not an indication of future performance. You should not invest in such products unless satisfied that they are suitable for you. If you have any doubts as to the suitability of these investments you should seek independent financial advice.