Macrovue makes it easy and affordable to invest in global stocks. With Macrovue you have complete control of your investments. Trade, monitor and track on the same platform.

Watchlist for paper trading

Use the Watchlist feature to test your investment ideas without committing actual funds. We track and report on the performance of each Vue from the date it is added.

Trade with confidence

We’ve built the future of trading with algorithms designed to allocate capital and execute trades across multiple global trading exchanges. Our platform is highly secure incorporating 256 bit encryption i.e. bank level encryption.

Simplified FX transactions

We do the foreign exchange conversion for you on all relevant transactions at a competitive rate.

Invest in individual stocks

Search and buy shares from our database of 20,000+ stocks from 18 exchanges.

Comprehensive dashboard

The dashboard provides an overview of your account including your total holdings, portfolio performance, watchlist performance, stock ideas, and news & insights.

End-of-year tax reports

We provide you full tax reports based on all your trading activities for the financial year.

Detailed performance reporting

Track performance of the individual shares or at a portfolio level. Also see what’s driving performance – capital gains, income or currency fluctuations.

Investor community - coming soon

Engage with other investors on the platform. Share investment ideas, trends and trading strategies.

Global research

Tap into the knowledge of our investment team through regular market updates, investment ideas and commentary on latest trends and market events.

News & insights

Get regular market updates and monthly newsletters. Read our articles to track the the latest trends with companies and economies.

Live chat & support

Call our support team or chat with them live during regular business hours. Or drop us an email and our team will get in touch.

Trade on any device

We support all major devices, browsers and operating systems.

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